Swedish Sunday #1

by VG & MVG

Welcome to swedish sundays!
Pour yourself a cup of coffee and grab a slice of princess cake it's time for....

The adventure of the week

This week, our most exciting moment was when we discovered that in Sweden they have a national day for cinnamon rolls (kanelbullar) on the fourth of october. We celebrated by eating about four of them each. In fact, we did little but eating since we arrived. Everything is delicious here.
Here are some of the other things we did:

We met some new and nice colleagues at the center for comics
We went shopping for second hand clothes (in our neighborhood only, there are three second hand stores) and ended up buying a lovely frame with an embroidery of an angry cat playing violin
We watched some really sad programs on swedish tv which seems to consist of only sad documentaries and funny game shows
We drew some first pages of our project as well as a diary of our journey which you can see below (it's mostly about boys and food)

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